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EFFICIENTYS is a new meeting place, a platform for collaborative work in partnership between companies and professionals that offer services and products specializing in activities related to the Sustainable Building and Restoration sector. As an added value, we provide architectural and engineering services, urban planning, interior design, renewable energies, building energy management and environmental sustainability by offering a complete high quality “turnkey” service, reliability, efficiency and promoting environmental sustainability.

EFFICIENTYS’ philosophy is similar to coworking, a style of work that allows independent professionals, entrepreneurs and SMES to share a work space, both physical and virtual, in order to develop their professional projects independently, while promoting joint projects. This collaborative work in partnership allows to provide a complete service that would not be possible in an indepentent way.

Our leitmotiv is efficiency (action, force, production) to carry out a work of the highest quality and reliability.


Sustainable building is one that ensures environmental quality and energy efficiency while minimizing impacts arising throughout the life cycle of the building: from the selection of materials and manufacturing, the building techniques, the building location, the maintenance and the waste management when the building has served its purpose and it is demolished.

What are the requirements to be a sustainable building?

Consuming a minimum amount of energy and water throughout its lifetime.

Making efficient use of row materials.

Generating a small amount of waste and pollution throughout its lifetime.

Using a minimum of land and being properly integrated into the natural landscape.

Adapting to the current and future needs of users.

Creating a healthy indoor environment.

sustainable building

Benefits of Sustainable Building


Protection of ecosystems and conservation of biodiversity and productivity.

Improvement in the quality of water, air and soil.

Respect for the natural cycle of renewable natural resources.

Preservation of non-renewable natural resources.

Solid waste reduction (occupation and pollution)


Redution in working costs.

Growth of asset value and profits.

Improvement in the employees’ productivity and satisfaction.

Efficiency optimization of the economic cycle of life.

Promotion of high-quality tourism.

Job creation in research and innovation.

To the community

Improvement on the environment: acoustic, thermal and atmospheric.

Enrichment of the well-being and comfort of the occupants and the people around.

Creation of healthy environements.

Minimization of demand on public infrastructure.

Contribution to a better overall quality of life.


Urban Planning

Building and Restoration Projects

Construction and Building Sustainable Restoration

Geotechnical Studies

Specialized Solutions

Pools and Shotcrete


Topography and Geophysics

Special Installations


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